28 thoughts on “1/29/2011”

  1. My heart remains broken and will never recover. ????????

    He’s one of the most beautiful little angels I’ve ever seen. He should be here right now playing in the snow with his sisters. Thank you Lenny for this adorable picture of Noah and Sophia. They are both so precious, along with their sister Arielle. ????

    Words cannot express how very dear to me all of you are. ????

  2. I know the girls must miss Noah terribly. I wish that they could be with their best buddy, your children Seem to enjoy each other so much Lenny. Noah, we love you, and I hope to give you a big hug some day. Thanks for sharing Noah with us Lenny.

  3. Noah’s expression-serious or seriously cold? Looks of Noah….. I feel I can glimpse a little more of him with every picture. Thank you for that.

    I can only echo what others have said; he should be here with you, his family.

  4. Hi Lenny,

    There is always so much personality in Noah’s pictures. I love looking at his expressions, I am so sorry he is not here playing in the snow. I miss your little guy, and can’t even imagine what you feel. If it gives you even a little peace and comfort, please know there are so many people praying and thinking about Noah and your wonderful family. God Bless his beautiful soul. God Bless your family.

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