3/13/08 — piano for two

3/13/08 — piano for two

24 thoughts on “3/13/08 — piano for two”

  1. They are the most precious babies!  Looks as though Arielle is not too happy at the end there with Noah stealing the limelight.  As always, thank you so much Lenny for sharing Noah with us. I’m confident in speaking for everyone, these videos bring us such joy. :)

  2. Lenny, thats great. Looks like Noah took over tempo, but Arielle won’t have any of it. They are the cutest pair. So fun to be around. God bless them both.

  3. So cute, they made such beautiful music together, it doesn’t matter much what the song was. So much love. Please give her and Sophia an extra strong hug from us.

  4. Hi lenny, spent the day at the beach here in southern California, thought about Noah all day! Knowing how Noah liked the beach and the water his spirit was with me today. I felt at peace. God bless Noah.

  5. I too was at the beach, in NC, also thinking often of Noah. He is forever a part of my heart, and the memories you’ve shared are now also in my heart and called to mind fondly. He won’t ever be forgotten.

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