12 thoughts on “6/20/2012”

  1. Love seeing Noah with his soul mate Arielle. So precious, yet so tragic. I’m tearing up again! Thanks for sharing lenny. I hope sharing Noah and your beautiful family with us gives you some comfort.

  2. Such a big step from Kindergarten to first grade especially if it is stiill 1/2 kindergarten. Our school went to full day the year after my oldest finished. When my 7 year old started he broke his leg on the playground the first full week of school. He really hated going to school for about the first 1/2 of the year. He loved his 1st grade teacher so much he would often tell me he now wants to be a teacher. Now that he’s in 2nd school is a piece of cake. I so much wish that Noah had that chance to make it to 2nd grade. I don’t like that there are 20 names and 20 faces of children I have never met that I know should be doing what my son is and are unable to. I am thankful that some of those 20 families have given us such an intimate look into this lives of their children. Thanks for letting us help his memory live on.

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