Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

8/17/2011  —  Dickinson Memorial Park

8/17/2011  —  Dickinson Memorial Park

17 thoughts on “8/17/2011  —  Dickinson Memorial Park”

  1. Lenny, thank you for sharing all of these pictures.  I can only imagine how much it makes your heart ache.  I wish I could say something that didn’t seem really inadequate.

  2. Mr.Pozner

    I bought a Jewish prayer shawl the other day and everyday I go into my prayer closet with my Jewish prayer shawl over me and pray for you and the rest of the family and for the girls and just know that you will all be reunited again one day…please find peace in knowing that you will see your little boy again…we all will <3

  3. Arielle’s tshirts and pants with the red strip and the way she’s standing look like she’s got a cape on! Bless her! Love the way they are both standing there but each with their own way. My heart aches when I think of Arielle losing her playmate and best friend. X

  4. You guys are right, lenny is the best! Sharing Noah and the grils is such generous act, l’m so greatful for lenny for keeping this beautiful childs memory alive. I truely love Noah.

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