Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

9-6-2010 — Newtown Labor Day Parade

38 thoughts on “9-6-2010 — Newtown Labor Day Parade”

  1. He is the most beautiful, stunning boy! With every new photo, my heart melts like ice cream on a hot July day. He is just a most incredible work of art. ☀️????????NOAH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. You are right Jan. Noah can’t take a bad picture. What can you say about this one, but so adorable. Love you noah, always thinking of you. Hi Lenny, hope you and your family are doing well.

  3. Al Berkowitz I just don’t understand what’s wrong with people when I see news like that.  I know it hits really close to home for Lenny because he’s been through losing a loved one in a shooting.  

  4. On a national level nothing has been done since Sandyhook. I don’t understand that. Connecticut has done something about this. They have reduced gun violence 40% because of new gun laws. My heart breaks for all of the victims of gun violence everywhere. Preying for Noah and your family Lenny.

  5. Such perfection in a young child.  I am sorry that Newtown is a reference for the continuing news stories.  Noah is a saint, as are the other children.  Wish they were here.

  6. There he is, Mr. Blue Eyes, with this bright face. Just the cutest little cutie pie. You want to take him up and cuddle him. Short brown hair over his eyes, this expression on his face, those cute little hands… I come to this picture a lot of times and I never find any words, just admiring NOAH. I always think about how you could possibly deal with having to miss him so much. I can only hope that you find strength. Noah and you you are on our mind a lot. Noah here today asked me on our way to soccer practice, all of the sudden, if I know something about Noah’s sisters, how they are doing. Noah said “Estarán haciendo algún deporte? Crees que les gusta el fútbol?” So I was going to ask you about your other kids, maybe you can tell us something about them. Are they doing fine? Do they like sports? As Noah here would really love to know it. I hope so much that your are doing okay Lenny. Be sure we think of you and your boy a lot. Noah here has just recognized that we have a picture with Noah and his siblings on that Labor Day Parade and that we had thought that it was from the 4th of July. 

    Today started as a fresh fall day here, crisp in the morning and I remember looking up at the sky and it smelled like fall, with all those colored leaves here in the woods. It made me think of you and those beautiful fall days where you live. 

    We wish you and your family the best Lenny! 

  7. Agree Sandra. I just love this picture of Noah. His personality comes through along with his cute little face so adorable. Never forgotten Lenny, thinking and preying for your family. We love you Noah.

  8. Your birthday is 26 minutes old in Europe. Today, take time and notice all the beauty in your surroundings and all the loved ones that care about you and celebrate your big day with them. Wishing you a very happy birthday! Your friends from Spain

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