Happy moments.

Happy moments.

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  1. Thinking of you and your family, as I always do. I posted this poem on Noah’s FB page late last night. It reminds me so much of him. God Bless you, Len. Thank you for sharing your little boy with us.

    “Did you get your blue eyes 

    from the heavenly skies

    And did an Angel give you that smile?

    Did God fill you with grace 

    and heavenly ways and 

    loan you to us for awhile?

    Now as we question, 

    were you sent with a lesson?

    of things we’re always forgetting to do, 

    Like praying and caring, loving and

    sharing? Knowing how, 

    but too tired and to busy to.

    In our loss and grief 

    we search for relief,

    of the pain of your being gone, 

    but the one who sent you 

    must really have missed you,

    For now you live at his throne.

    You look at us here, 

    far off but still dear 

    Are we, to whom you were allowed

    You smile our way, 

    and as we retire from our day 

    you softly sleep on a cloud.

    Do we now see how life really should be

    or are we still bogged down busy 

    and bowed and reaching with greed 

    for things we don’t need

    When, God willing, like you,

    we’ll sleep on a cloud.”

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