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  1. Thank you Lenny. This is so cute! What is he saying , help me with the English , it sounds like he is saying something to his girlfriend . Your gorgeous boy! He sure is a heart breaker! I love this  voice and this big smile!

  2. The cutest boy ever! How could anyone ever accept that he was taken away from you. He belongs with you and with his friends. He seems to have been so engaged in life. Love you Noah!

  3. I did the same thing Marybeth.Noah has the cutest little voice and everytime I look at him and hear him I get all choked up!My only wish in life is to have Noah back on earth with us <3

  4. Lenny, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Noah with us. He is certainly a ladies man. I love hearing his voice, so sweet, but at same time heartbreaking. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful Noah with us. Oh how you must misshim so. Just know that we love and support you and your family. And love dear sweet Noah.

  5. It takes my breath away, hearing Noah’s little voice, and his beautiful face, of course.  He was just a delightful boy, in so many ways.  Thanks for sharing with us, Len.  I am sure Noah is watching over you and your family.

  6. Hi lenny. Just wanted to tell you that l was coaching a game today. During the game l kept hearing Noahs voice saying ” Hi beautiful girlfriend” it was what I call a wonderful distraction, l loved it. Thanks!

  7. “Hi beautiful girlfriend” so sweet , this is what I thought I had understood. But I wasn’t so sure. Oh my god. Marvelous boy, he had everything ahead. It is just too hard to bear, impossible to imagine his parents’ pain. Noah here saw the video and said “¡Ha crecido!” well Noah seems a little older in this video compared to the one when he is talking about Spiderman. Noah said “Pues está vivo.”, I explained it and Noah said “Pues estará entre dos aguas”. I think it meant “between life and death”. “Entre dos aguas” is a spanish saying that children usually wouldn’t say but just last week we had been watching videos of Paco de Lucia. One piece is called “Entre dos aguas” and Noah had asked for the meaning. We watched the video again yesterday and Noah said just about that while listening to the music “Es como si Noah y su padre van en caballos y están hablando, es como si se quieren mucho y se hablan, pero solo es imaginario. Al principio no se entienden, pero luego si se entienden y se dan respuestas.” Paco de Lucia died two weeks ago. I hope you don’t mind me to give you a link to what we were watching, maybe you enjoy this music too:  Paco de Lucia – Entre dos aguas (1976) full video . I wish you a good day Lenny.

  8.  HI Lenny  i love this of Noah he is so beautiful.makes  me feel so sad, i wish you had Noah thank you for sharing . i think about him and your family.

  9. The most beautiful, precious little boy.  Seeing and hearing him speak is so bittersweet; joyful and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Such a special little boy; so beautiful and innocent, with a lifetime of experiences yet ahead of him and a future which doubtless would have been filled with success, adventure and happiness.  I love this boy.  Thank you Lenny for this beautiful video of sweet Noah.

  10. Hi Lenny,

    Finally got my phone to work and see this beautiful boy.  Wow so cute and happy.  I’ve had a headache for the past few hours, and it just went away.  Your son and family are always in my thoughts and prayers, and always will be.  Hugs and kisses to all of his beautiful girlfriends.

  11. I can’t stop watching this video…I can’t stop hearing his voice and seeing his face…Noah is on my mind day and night.Even tho I’ve never met him hearing and seeing him anytime I want makes me happy.I love you so much Noah and I can’t wait for the day when I can finally meet you and give you a big squeeze <3

  12. Hi Lenny,

    Such a beautiful little boy. So happy, always glowing.  Crying for little Noah and his friends today.  Gob Bless him and your beautiful family.  In my prayers.  All his beautiful girlfriends were lucky to have him in their lives.  He is forever a part of my life and family.

  13. What a beautiful smile, face, and voice. He would have made some lucky woman happy some day. I’m so sorry that he was robbed of that future. My heart still breaks for you all. ♥

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