33 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Noah Pozneripad”

  1. I have watched all of the videos. Beautiful, just simply beautiful. The love and respect that I have for you, your family and Noah goes to the depth of my heart and soul. God bless every one of you and always rest assured that there are others sharing this with you…

  2. Avis Fletcher, I couldn’t have summed up better what’s in my heart. You have stated it beautifully. Noah…such a beautiful little boy that we will never stop hurting for. ❤️

  3. Agree with everyone. Noah has touched are hearts and minds, we love him as if he was one of our own. Lenny we thank you for sharing Noah with us. He has changed our lives forever. We all prey for you and Veronique, and the grils.

  4. Wish I would have had the opportunity to know him in person. Thanks for letting us get to know him through keeping his memory alive. I know for sure I will meet him someday, in heaven, I look forward to that day.

  5. Wow, so it tears. You can really feel his life energy in his pictures his smiles, even just his non smiles. Will always think of Noah and your family when I hear this song. God Bless you Lenny God Bless Noah and your wonderful family.

  6. I’m with you two Jan Heins and Shari Knight. This time of year has become a real downer. This tragedy has truly affected the world, and it hasn’t looked the same since 14-12-14. ???? It’s not as beautiful as it was before Noah left it.


  7. I’ve said it before that Sandy Hook is the first shooting where no one famous was killed that the victims are better remembered than the shooters.  I’m glad for that, we should remember the victims and forget the shooter.

  8. SIR johnson Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, you knuckle dragging Neanderthal?! This is a tribute page for one of the most beautiful children that ever graced this Earth. He is gone. He was killed at SandyHook. You’re a POS for showing up here, and you will soon be erased, hopefully along with my comment. I don’t want to be reminded of YOU! Get lost, freak!

  9. SIR johnson hell yeah you are, and look at your face, you look like a guy with a personality disorder, your profile picture shows it with that vile look on your face; cold eyes, so it doesn’t surprise me with what flys out of that whole on your face.

  10. First of all, the fact that he types in all caps tells me more than enough about him.  I’m not a violent person, and I never have been, but I don’t wanna know what I’d do if I met someone like him in person.  I wonder if his friends and family (if he has any) know what he does, it can come back to him.

  11. Like I told you Dan, we are surrounded by idiots like this guy. I have respect for people but this foul mouthed piece of sh-t needs to go away. The people on this post are good, caring, and compassionate people. And l am honoured to share real human emotions with them. People like this guy will have to answer for their actions when its all said and done.

  12. This is a very nice tribute. I go back and rewatch it every now and again. I’m working toward the day when we don’t have to make videos like this for innocent victims.

  13. Agree with you ladies, Noah is always on my mind also. We all love him so much, as Easter approaches I hope and pray l will get to hold and hug Noah in heaven. Happy Easter lenny to you and your beautiful family.

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