Noah Pozner - Sandy Hook 2012

A mother’s remembrances on the 10th anniversary

“Noah’s earthbound story was over before he had time to finish writing the first chapter.

And in such an unspeakable way that I don’t have the words to talk about it.

So his story has become my story, in turns wings or anvil, depending upon the day, sometimes the hour.

Every bit of joy happens for me through his eyes, which now gaze through mine.

I gather these instants of happiness and string them up like so many pearls, to have and to hold on to on the anvil days, when the heaviness does not allow for tears.

Nothing has changed in ten years.

Picture throwing a smooth round pebble down an ancient well, waiting for that dull echoey sound letting you know it has made contact with whatever is at the bottom.

Here I am, waiting for my grief to make that sound.

The closure, the conclusion, the finale of it.

I now understand that will never happen and I hold that knowledge in peace.

I cherish Noah’s memory, I cherish the immense privilege of having known him at all, of having been his Mom, and of knowing that I loved him fiercely,

not because I was supposed to but because I just effortlessly did.

He was a content, compassionate and generous little boy.

I always felt his concern for others was an innate byproduct of being a twin.

He saw the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder, with many questions as to the why and how of things.

He was also a jokester who delighted in teasing his sisters.

I recall him telling them that while they were both fast asleep at night, he would sneak off to his third shift job as a supervisor in a taco factory.

I have no idea how or why he came up with that, but it drove both girls bonkers as they repeatedly attempted to stay awake in order to catch him leaving for “work”.

His favorite colors were blue and yellow and he truly believed in superheroes and in their powers to save the world from the brink of destruction.

He loved to wear his vast collection of superhero shirts, and had a special fondness for Spider-Man and Iron Man.

He followed their exploits in cartoons, movies, and comic books.

He was also a lover of animals and nature and an adventurous gourmand.

He was all that and so much more because everything that he could have been as he grew older never came to pass.

In spite of my aching sadness, I celebrate Noah’s spirit, his constant presence in my heart and life.

He is free. Untethered. Impalpable.

Yet also changeless and steadfast.

In truth, Noah is eternal.”

Veronique De La Rosa

Noah Pozner

6 thoughts on “A mother’s remembrances on the 10th anniversary”

  1. Noah is such a beautiful child, I remember his face the most as he could have been my child, dark hair and eyes, maybe that’s why his face is still so vivid to me after all these years. I recently lost one of my sons, so I in a way I do understand your pain but everyone’s pain is different and I am so sorry for yours. Yes, cherish his memory, his precious memory and know that some day he will greet you with a hug and that beautiful smile. I will do the same.

  2. Such a sweet boy. I can’t even imagine your pain but I am heartbroken for you, for all the families. My son was in kindergarten that year the next town over. I always thought about your son with the taco story as my son had his favorite taco truck t-shirt as we would often visit El Camion in Woodbury. Thank you for sharing these stories about Noah with us. God BlessYou!

  3. Thank you for sharing and posting. I’m a father of a 1st grader and he has similar characteristics to Noah in being aware of other people’s feelings and also loves being a jokester. We live in the Boston area and I want you to know that there are people like me who think about Noah and your family. Your words and actions honor Noah in such an amazing way. We pray for you and your family. Noah’s spirit lives strong.

  4. Veronique, I remember this tragedy vividly and I cannot imagine the immeasurable pain and suffering your family has endured. God bless Noah. Thank you for sharing memories of him. He will never be forgotten. 🕊️♥️

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