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  1. Ugh..they have alot of nerve, im just disgusted with these people, they need to stop. The school board handled this well, you can talk til your blue in the face, nothing changes their warped thinking.

  2. Ignorant people just dont know any better than to act this way. Maybe someday they will be able to grow a heart and learn compassion and respect for other people.

  3. This kind of circus should not have taken place. In Society there is a limit to “free speech”. Whenever it is slander and harassment it shouldn’t be permitted publicly. Shame on these people. Are they mentally ill? Or are they being hired by someone to go out and harass others? 

    We feel very sorry that good people have to put up with these individuals. It is sickening!

  4. Sandra, I agree with you fully. There is a fine line between free speech and slanderous abuse and harassment. This should not be allowed to continue. The gravity of the horrific event at Sandy Hook should be respected by all, and that respect should be enforced by authorities, who saw for themselves what actually happened; saw all those innocent children and educators lying lifeless on the floor. There is no doubt legitimate enough to allow these maniacs to abuse the victims’ families, the town of Newtown, the American people, and the memory of the victims themselves. The gun control movement has legs by virtue of the sheer numbers of daily incidences which occur regularly, regardless of mass shootings. The fact that these ‘truthers’ latch onto Sandy Hook, as if proving it was a hoax would somehow delegitimize the gun control movement, is irrational and unrealistic.

  5. I am friends with Neil Heslin on Facebook and he shared how the playground for Grace had the sign stolen. The people then had the nerve to contact her family and taunt them that they stole it cause this was a hoax. Ana’s playground was also recently vandalized. I looked on the facebook hoax page to see what they were saying about the theft when to my shock pictures from this visit are all over the place. I can’t imagine what it is like to deal with these thousands of people with absolutely no empathy. As said at the meeting we know what happened to your community… It’s too bad the keep the need up to find something “more”. I also took a peek at this guys justice page. He’s demanding the NFL release the names of the kids that sang at the Super Bowl. Knowing that two older siblings of those lost that day were among the 26 that sang… It is non of their business who these kids are. They just keep putting pictures of the kids that sang next to a child that was loss trying to prove the are alive. I am so sorry that the goodness that came from people to support your community in this tragedy has brought out these truth seekers trying to find something that is not there. They are an example of this keeps happening over and over again. Was also reading from another parent that there seems to be a lot of “mean girl” bullying going on at the schools. Sad that a community that has suffered so much continues to have kids that do that to others. So sad to see the number of people believing this hoax stuff growing. I will continue to advocate till I am blue in the face as I am tired of seeing this happen. This past school year two local boys took their life by suicide by a gun shot. One a former student at my sons middle school and one an 11 year old from my niece and nephews elementary school. Sad but thankful those guns never made it to school with them.

  6. These ‘truthers’ are vicious and ruthless! There is no reasoning with them because they are completely irrational and sociopathic. These are criminal acts of vandalism against property resulting in, at the very least, financial loss in investment in planning and building these playgrounds. It doesn’t matter what personal delusion these nuts are under, it doesn’t excuse them from breaking the law. I hope they find all who participated in these criminal acts and prosecute them to the full extent the law allows. The families of these innocent victims are just victimized over and over and over again. Thoroughly disgusting and vile! It’s time to take this very seriously. Something needs to be done! The actions of these ‘truthers’ have crossed acceptable lines long before the physical vandalism of these playgrounds. It crossed tolerable lines when they began emotionally harassing the victims’ families, effectively stripping them of their basic right to grieve their murdered loved ones in peace and respect! Unbelievable!

  7. You know when a child is assaulted in any way their privacy is protected by laws in this country. Never is the name of the juvenille reported outside of SEALED court documents. All of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary were assaulted on this terrible day. What happened to them falls in the same catagory as rape or worse. For those lucky enough to walk out the school I can only imagine the mental and emotional scars that they will have to carry for the rest of there lives, especially the children that hsd siblings that did not get to return home with them on this day. At what point are our officials going to shut these people up and protect the identity of these children. It is only the rights of the parents to release information and only what they want to release it and when they want to release it. The innocence purity and magical views of the world have alreay been stripped away, for 20 of the children, there lives were taken. Can we not be decent enough to protect identity and details?

  8. I didn’t realize how bad this has gotten. The passage of time would slow them down, but it seems to be getting worse. Trying to keep their name in the papers, possibly? What can we do?

  9. Jan Heins, I really believe this has more to do with gun control efforts than anything else. These airheads are consumed with the fear that the government is trying to disarm the populace so it can induce tyrannic rule over its people. They have convinced themselves that atrocities like SandyHook, Aurora, the Boston bombing, etc…, are hoaxes contrived by the government to incite public outrage and fear so that the government can more easily legislate gun control measures which would eventually disarm the people and render them helpless against government tyranny. They are completely delusional in their thinking, since no amount of their guns would realistically stand up to an attack by the government’s military with tanks, warplanes, heavy artillery and drones. They think if they prove these atrocities were hoaxes, it would destabilize the gun control movement, which it won’t! Ever! The gun control movement is based on so much more than these events; 32,000 dead Americans per year…by gun. I’ve been personally attacked online for posting pictures of the innocent victims of SandyHook. When you look up a lot of these ‘truthers’ on Twitter, you find that they are in cahoots with the Progunners. They are pooling their collective bullying efforts to try to intimidate gun control advocates into silence.

  10. Jan Heins, I think the most we can do as private citizens is to put pressure on the authorities to take action against these ‘truthers’ for the various forms of harassment they are inflicting on people, especially the victims’ families. I think people like Wades Vids are also helpful in debunking and humiliating these ‘truthers’ publicly, so that people see more reasonable arguments.

  11. People are incredibly sick, how much do you want to bet Wolfgang Halbig isn’t his real name and he’s a thug working for the NRA.  So far the best piece of “proof” they have is the picture of Emilie Parker’s sister with the president.  I’m sure most of the these conspiracy nuts are the same ones that thought the world would end in 2012.

  12. So I suppose as a parent you have no questions about the “official story” that makes no sense at all? That’s the problem for me. That’s what includes you in the conspiracy. Not trying to be disrespectful. Just being honest.

  13. Jessica Ann  

    The story is simple. Either you can handle the reality of executed women & children or you can’t.  If you can’t then your imagination will do the rest. 

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