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  1. Wow…he captured every detail of Noah…Awesome job…I have this picture of Noah with his brown jacket on hangin on my mirror!It was the very first picture I ever saw of him when I heard about the shooting…it was the first time I fell in love with him…I can look at him everyday and he’s alive in my heart…love you to the moon and back Noah <3

  2. I have had it framed and enjoy it daily. For me it is that of an older Noah that lived and how he would look a few years older.  All that could have been possible………….. 

  3. I agree, Len, it does look like what an older Noah would have looked like. I was unnerved to realize that Noah was the youngest of his classmates, back in 2012. So much promise lost…..

  4. Lenny, l’am so glad you get to enjoy this beautiful drawing of Noah. It does look like an older version of Noah. Like the ladies say it is the first picture of Noah I saw, and fell in love of that sweet face, and a smile that lights up my day every time I see it.

  5. Love and prayers to the Pozner family as we approach another 14th. I know that I will never have another one without a heavy heart. I will never forget because I choose to remember….

  6. Beautiful ,i will always have a place for Noah in my heart,as i wonder too how he would of grown an looked i no his birthday is next month just a month older then my son Abraham .

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