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  1. This picture is among my favourites, although, there are so many favourites. The love these two share is reflected so beautifully in every one. Love to you Arielle and Noah…

  2. If Noah jumped into our family photo, he would belong. He looks very much like my nephew when he was 6. The first time I saw Noah’s picture in the newspaper was on 15.12.12.i wasn’t prepared to see that paper. It stopped me cold because 1) he looked so beautiful and happy & 2) the way he was looking & holding his book it could have been my nephew. Although this happened far away from me I really felt it.

  3. Strong guy Noah, he is lifting her up. You can see looking at his arms and shoulders that he was supposed to become a strong man. And Arielle and him they look so alike, they got the same beautiful smile

    I wonder how Arielle looks like today, if she’s still smiling so beautifully. She’s grown one and half year older now and that means a lot in that age. She’s probably already lost a tooth too. Is she and Sophia doing fine?

    Love to you and your family Lenny

  4. My twins are 5. They will start kindergarten this fall. They turn 6 in October. When this tragedy happened, it shook me to the core, and I still feel it so deeply today. And, Noah looks a lot like my son Parker, and that shook me even more. Sometimes when I’m in my car driving, a song will take me to a place that reminds me of Noah and having no personal connection to him, it will bring me to tears. I’ve never experience this type of connection before. I wish I had known him as I’m sure he was a terrific kid.

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