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  1. They are two peas in a pod; happy to be in each other’s company. They will always be connected by their souls. They are truly beautiful twins …LOVE …beautiful little Arielle and handsome little Noah. <3

  2. And the end result of all this? Arielle has lost her twin brother beautiful Noah. For what? And all of the cowards in Washington DC sit on their hands as we have to endure massacre after massacre.

  3. Hi Lenny,

    I hope Arielle and Sophia are as happy as can be given all that your family has gone through. I hope they get to smile a lot this summer. Noah will live on through there memories. I am so sorry their brother was taken away from them. I hope they always feel that he is there watching with them and smiling down at seeing them become beautiful adults. Wishing you and your family as much joy and peace as can be.

  4. I’ve said that Arielle must have it worse than any of the Newtown siblings.  One because as a twin she was closer with Noah than other siblings are.  Two every time she has any milestone in life like birthdays, graduations, etc, she’ll be reminded that Noah should have been there with her.  Three since she was a first grader, I’m sure she was close with other victims too, not just Noah.

  5. Beautiful, precious children, with their heads up and being “equipped” with everything necessary for a whole and happy life. One mowed down, he only had 6 years, the other one deeply hurt inside for the rest of her life. She will not only always remember the cruel events and the feeling of helplessness in the moment of being assaulted, but she will deeply miss her brother, his absence, the opportunities stolen from them as siblings, the end of a untouched, happy family life. She will think that when she is 20 and when she is 60. All the ones affected will never be alright again. When I think of Ari&Noah I always remember that nobody is untouchable.

    Love to you and your family Lenny. I wish you the very best and I hope for your precious children that they will live on happy and will grow into happy and fulfilled adults.

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