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  1. A very appropriate photo on this mothers day. What a beautiful scene lenny. Veronique looks so proud of Noah and Arielle, true gifts from god. Thanks lenny.

  2. Adorable photo Lenny. I feel so selfish for this, but it is only now just occurring to me that Sunday must have been difficult for Veronique. I’m so sorry that every Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will always be a bit sad because one of your precious children is not there to celebrate with you. We think of our military moms and dads who have lost their sons or daughters in action and we should rightfully remember those who have lost their young to violence here in America. I know Noah celebrates you both in Heaven. ♥

  3. Beautiful babies and a beautiful mother. They are a month old in this picture and probably had you awake almost all day long. Finally you had them both asleep. Veronique looks so happy and proud. I wished you’d have more babies. You seem so wonderful parents

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