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  1. I love that picture, summer time, reading stories to the kids. You four look great! I remember these books. Noah’s got them too. I also like the new scrapbook photo. Are they making bread there? Wish you a good weekend. It’s Friday!!

  2. Looking at the three of them makes me remind the three siblings at our school. They were born just in the same years then your kids, the older girl in 2005 and the twins boy and girl in 2006. They are a great team. And always when I see them it makes me think of your kids, makes me think how life would be if one of them was missing. It’s just a great picture, all these little feet!

  3. This afternoon I’ve had the three siblings in my class I told you about before. The younger girl didn’t pass an exam last week, so I had her repeat it today. She was nervous about it and her sister and brother who I have in the same class always tried to sneek over to her to help her out. I complained and told them that she should do it alone. The boy said “No lo puedo evitar, es que somos gemelos y no le puedo ver sufrir” and the older girl added “Es que siempre nos ayudamos uno al otro, somos un equipo de tres”. The boy said “¿A que no conoces a otro equipo de tres hermanos como nosotros? ¡Es que somos únicos!” and I told them that I knew another trisome that lives far away and they asked for the names. At the end the younger girl did pass the test this time and the three were completely happy when they were heading off with the other kids to meet their parents outside. They talked about going skiing this weekend with their parents in the Pyrenees and what long of a drive it’s gonna be. They were having plans. I always remember your children when I see these kids together. I am so sorry we can’t help

    Many greetings from Spain where it’s dark night already, but the moon is shining bright!

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