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  1. T-T  i know that your strong little boy is up there somwhere in heaven and he has earned his wings i just know it what a strong little boy and when my time comes the first thing i want to see are those happy little faces and the 6 teachers who did gods work by trying to save them… R.I.P Sandy Hook we all miss you!

  2. Soo precious, Arielle’s love for her brother is evident in all their pictures, sending hugs to those sweet little girls, such a devistating thing to have to go thru. God bless Arielle and Sophia, thankfully they have each other.

  3. Hi Lenny

    So beautiful and so sad. I hope you and your family are comforted and strengthened by these pictures. I am so choked up looking at these happy faces. Always in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I love that there are so many pictures with Arielle holding or cuddling Noah. I am sure he’s still with her and you all. Noah really did have a life full of love. That is important and he was clearly a happy fulfilled little man, enjoying himself and his days. I know he sends signs he is still connected – keep watching for them Lenny!

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