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  1. I am so sorry. Sorry that 12.14.12 ever happened. I have tried to put myself where you and Veronique are and it just consumes my breath. I cannot imagine how the two of you must be hurting, so I will not pretend to. I know that you will never heal from this. The evil that was unleashed was just so unimaginable that it shakes one to the core of there souls. I do wish you and your family peace. Solice in knowing that Noah is loved, missed and honored by those of us who have nothing else to offer. We would bear your pain and sorrow if we could. We would reach into the heavens and bring him back if we could. We would have guarded that school with our own lives if we could. I am just sorry that I can not. Love always…

  2. I agree Sarah, lenny you are a wonderful dad. You have a good heart, and though I have not met you. You seem to be good man and someone you could call a friend.

  3. Something no parent should ever have to do! I’ve been in your shoes. 14 years ago I had to make these decisions when my 27 year old husband was killed suddenly in a car accident. 5 years later I had to do it again when my baby boy died 30 minutes after being born. Right now my baby Matthew is buried where my headstone will be. When I go, he will be with me. I did not realize how raw the pain still was until my church had a service for babies and children gone too soon last summer. All I can say is it gets easier. My “baby” William is the same age as those taken on 12/14. Not a day has gone by I have not thought the families the lost someone that day. My heart still goes out to you today as much as it did a year ago. Hugs to you and your family.

  4. Omg I am in tears crying…Mr.Pozner I pray for you and Mrs.Pozner everyday that this year brings you strength and peace in knowing that Noah is watching you all from up above and is happy and having fun…I pray the lords peace among you and hope that 2014 is your best year ever…god bless you the Pozner family oxox

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