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  1. I awoke a year ago, on the other side of the planet to you and your family, to the news of this tragedy. Like so many others, Noah’s beautiful smile and your family’s sharing captured my heart. One day you may choose to withdraw from this community, but you will always carry my love and prayers forever.

  2. My heart goes out to your family. I’m Jewish and prayed for your family. Yidgadash v’yehsh kadan she’ma raba. V’allema h’eroty. May Adonai watch over you, your beloved son, Noah, and your family. I have included your family in my prayers at Temple. He was such a beautiful boy. So young and sweet

  3. Thinking of Noah and your family sending love ! I just want to share with you that I have a seven year old son and I also run a daycare with a before and after school program, and every single morning since 12:14.2012 not a school day has gone by that I don’t try to make there mornings extra special and give tharm an extra hug and as they get on the bus I let them know how much they are loved ,and I always think you and all of the other parents and what you would give to have one more school morning with your loved ones. I am determined to make a difference where I can in Honor of your loved ones memory’s 🙂 sending all of you such a big hug !!!! Noah has a Very special place in my heart.

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