Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

11/29/12, First tooth comes out.

11/29/12, First tooth comes out.

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  1. Oh Lenny, I am so glad you posted this picture. Since the tragedy I have wondered about the little things such as the tooth ferry experience. I have wanted to ask you if Noah had even lost his first tooth yet, but I was afraid of being to invasive. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I know these things dont mean a lot to some people, but I also understand that when you are a little person they are everything. He is adorable. Love…

  2. I know Avis I had wondered the same thing 😉 and had the same reaction seeing this adorable pic, and I’m so thankful he got to have that experience, and for you guys too. It seems insignificant, but such a sweet milestone.

  3. I am just beside myself right now. What a precious picture of a cherished milestone. Thank you so much Lenny for including all of us in this special moment of Noah’s life. We love you, little Noah. So many more milestones you should have had. I keep you forever in my heart, beautiful little boy.

  4. This is a very special photo for me. This was one of the photos in my phone on 12-14-12. While in the firehouse, when asked for a photo to help identify Noah, I provided this one. I remember the blank stare I got back from law enforcement after sending this pic.

  5. Lenny, I started feeling a little sick reading what you wrote.  I think I speak for all of us when I say we have no idea how we’d react in that situation and hope we never find out.

  6. I’ve read that a lot of the first responders have experienced PTSD.  I’m not at all surprised, I can’t even imagine the things they saw that day.

  7. Oh Lenny. My heart beats with all those parents who were in the firehouse that day. I try to put myself in your shoes. I know Veronique wanted to cover little Noah in the school & I would have thought the same way. You are both tremendously brave people. I think I would have had to be held back from running into that school.

    I feel also for the first responders. I imagine many of them are parents also, regardless, it must have required great courage of them to perform their jobs that day.

    In the end, we are all connected. No man is an island & so I think of Noah & talk to him as he runs through my mind. I use my humanness to appreciate his. And I want Arielle & Sophia, Michael & Danielle to know that there is an abundance of good in this world, that things have to get better & that Noah means a lot to many, many people. Not only because he has gone ahead, but for the joie de vivre he embodied. Thinking of Noah helps me parent my kids more mindfully, notice things more, slow down.

  8. Yes lenny, a very special photo indeed. Knowing what I know now about this special picture l will hold it close to my heart. We love you Noah. God bless you lenny.

  9. Oh my God Lenny. I don’t want to believe that your precious baby is shot dead. I visited this website of Wades Vids. Reading his articles The Deadliest minute and the article before that and seeing the pictures with it, all the sudden it felt so real , how the events took place . The intruder jumping into the first classroom , so Noah and his class mates must have heard it in their room. Their teachers tried to pack all kids into the bathroom , it must have been panic and fear and then the animal jumping into Noah’s room , what a horror , what a 100 percent horror and fear and bloodshed and then death of so many in just seconds of time. Reading it on Wades page it made me shiver and couldn’t sleep having to think about it. I am a teacher myself and just yesterday afternoon I was with 10 first and second graders in class and I always have to think about Noah and what I saw and read on Wades page. What these children and teachers had to go through. What that little girl that survived underneath the flesh and blood of her classmates must feel today. Oh my God Noah

    I can’t have him out of my mind. I always return to your page. He is so beautiful in every picture . Loosing his first tooth. I saw him in a picture taken in your car with a green monkey and it seemed in that picture like he had lost a tooth or was getting a new tooth. Well something in the picture seemed like it, that’s what Noah here said when seeing the picture and being thrilled because Noah’s got the same green monkey from “Ratoncito Perez” (the Spanish tooth fairy). So Noah said “Mira, Ratoncito Perez le ha traido el mismo mono como a mí”. Noah here in Spain always poses to make pictures of a tooth loose, of a tooth out, of a new tooth coming in and is worried that there are two teeth that still won’t come in for a couple of month now. Noah here refers to your Noah a lot. Last weekend we took our goat for a walk in the mountain and it was really nice outside and Noah all the sudden said “Como lo siento que el otro Noah ya no puede ver el sol y jugar con sus hermanas” Although I think that children that age (Noah’s turned 8) can’t really grasp what it really means, they do have an understanding and they are so smart. I feel so much for you and your family Lenny . I wished so much it would have never happened

  10. Lenny,

    I love little Noah. Thank you Lenny for sharing Noah and his and your memories. I so feel for you, the families and those first responders. This image made me cry the first time I saw it, now knowing how much emotion is behind it. He was so beautiful, so proud, so happy. I may be a little rambling on. I’m sure the Tooth Ferry will cherish Arielle and Sophia’s baby teeth all the more. Extra hugs to your family.

  11. Lenny, my heart is forever broken over this. The one thing that I will always take from this is that if you as parents can endure what you have endured, there is nothing that life can throw at me that could be so bad. You have honored Noah’s life with such love and tenderness, you are someone who deserves admiration and you certainly have that of me and my family.

  12. So sad after reading that this picture was the one to make identification with ,goosebumps all over sad.oh poor Noah  and your family.A priceless pic of   Noah with his missing tooth. thank you for sharing with us all.

  13. Oh, Lenny. I was hoping that some professional had told you it was instant. I guess not. 🙁

    I think we all drive ourselves crazy picturing the horror of that moment, and dreading the possibility that it wasn’t instant and painless. We all hope with every fibre of our being that it was just so quick; no one felt a thing. Love you Noah…

  14. The thing that I struggled with the most is why God let this happen. In reality I know that he is a loving and just God. I just have to believe in my heart that He had 26 angels standing by to remove their souls in the blink of an eye before they had a chance to feel anything. It is the only thought I can have as a means to deal with this. The biggest thing for me is understanding where your mind must be to be able to carry out such an act. It is beyond evil.

  15. Avis Fletcher I know exactly what you are saying Avis, My faith was absolutely shattered on that day, and its hard not to say what kind of god would allow this to be? Its heartbreaking. This was an evil act, to say the least. 🙁

  16. In those times when I need to encourage my kids to be brave I tell them that being brave really isn’t about conquering fear but about doing what they need to do despite their fear. So Lenny & Veronique – you get huge props from me for your bravery in all of this.

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