13 thoughts on “8/18/2012”

  1. Noah sure did like those superheroes.  Like the Batman shirt.  I agree with Dan, the pictures in which Noah and Arielle are older are particularly hard to look at.  He looks so happy with his sister.  Beautiful.

  2. Two of the most beautiful twins you will ever see. Noah and Arielle are so cute together. I want to remember Noah with his twin. So precious, so right.

  3. Hi Lenny,

    I so strongly agree. Noah and Arielle are so precious together. I am so sorry they are not playing together. So many beautiful moments of them and Sophia together. Please please give them an extra strong hug from all the people who never met them but love them so much.

  4. Just beautiful, like every picture of your children. I hope Noah did not suffer. I am often thinking of his siblings and I know there will be many bumps in the road for them, but I can tell that you and Veronique will do what is best and right for them. It is difficult to see the more recent pictures because I ask myself how to say goodbye to somebody I never met.

  5. I love this summer time picture with the shorts and little feet, ankles and knees looking out. That’s too cute! Noah’s knee’s got the proper marks of a little rambunctious never sit still boy. Seems they had a good time and are worn out now and got the cutest expression in their faces. So gorgeous! Love you Noah&Ari

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