33 thoughts on “12/8/12”

  1. Oh Lenny, how I wish I could give you and your whole family a big hug and shed tears right along with you. I wish there were something more helpful I could offer. Sending virtual hugs!

  2. I love how he’s proud of his smile without the tooth.  I’m sure for the rest of your life, you’ll always think of what he’d look like and what he’d be doing.  I remember a comment from another Sandy Hook dad that he feels like as time passes he’s getting farther away from his son.

  3. Noah my young friend, this picture of you was taken just one week before your life was cut short. You look beautiful and in your 6-year old face we can see all that potential. By now you would have lost some more teeth and you would have grown a few more inches…

    I can only hope that your death and the death of your classmates and teachers will be the tipping point in the process that will make your country a safer place to live. It all depends on the people, there will only be a change if the people demand it.

    We shall never forget you Noah!

  4. Sandra Brattge A good majority of citizens are demanding change, our politicians, the NRA and the gun toting loonies are making this a little difficult, but we will not stop, we will push forward and not stop until this country becomes safer for our children.

  5. Shari Knight yes, you have all my support!

    I remember watching an interview with Ben Wheeler’s parents and they said that President Obama told them on December 16th 2012 that there will only be a change achieved if the people demand it. 

    I think it is very positive that a good majority of citizens are already demanding change and I hope so much that there will be enough people to demand and achieve a change.

  6. Lenny this is the picture of Noah that I have on my phone and computers. Except I have the full pictute with Sophia and Arielle. To see the three of them together makes my heart smile and also reminds me of all that was lost for everyone. Love…

  7. I can see his adult tooth peeking up above his lip line, I think. What a gorgeous boy he is, and what a gorgeous man he would have become, breaking many girls’ hearts along the way, for certain. LOVE YOU SWEET NOAH…

  8. I love this picture of Noah always cute in all of the pictures, i will never forget Noah ,love little Noah ,I have a 7 year old and  my daughter who just turned 18 has a 3 month old  school  ended for summer and i  was thinking Noah should be  having fun with his sisters i know he loved the water.

  9. I can’t look at that pic and not think about how he only lived another 6 days.  I think that’s one of the newest pics you’ve ever posted.  I also keep thinking that if I’d known him when I was 6, we’d probably have been buddies.

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