Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

8/22/09  —  – Far Rockaway Beach

8/22/09  —  – Far Rockaway Beach

36 thoughts on “8/22/09  —  – Far Rockaway Beach”

  1. Love the look on his face in this picture, he is so happy, just the face of innocence and amazement, you can tell he loved being at the beach. So happy his playground is going to be somewhere that he loved.

  2. Mr.Pozner

    The song in one of the videos of Noah is titled “Noah hello goodbye” was that song special written for Noah??

    I get hysterical every time I see it and listen to it 🙁

  3. Stephanie Mcgarry I’m so glad you brought our attention to that song. I hadn’t heard it before. It is so beautiful and incredibly touching. I made the mistake of watching it while I was getting ready for work putting my makeup on. You can guess how well that turned out. Tears…

  4. Ves C omg I was watching it lastnight and again this morning and the tears just come pouring down my face…I don’t know if its the song or seeing Noah’s face and the funeral and all that…its just so heart wrenching and I don’t know what is it about Noah that I just break down all the time 🙁

  5. Hi Ves and Stephanie,

    Can you please let me know where this video is. The thought of it is so emotional. Love and miss this little man I never was lucky enough to meet. Thanks

  6. Al Berkowitz hello 🙂

    Just go to YouTube and type in Noah Pozner there are a few videos of Noah…one is the eulogy from his Uncle Alexis and the song is playing…”Noah hello Goodbye” 🙁

  7. Al Berkowitz I just went to You Tube and searched ‘Noah Hello Goodbye’ and the song came up with no video, just lyrics. the lyrics are heart wrenching.

  8. Oh, how hard I wish this was all just a really bad dream, and Noah was safe and sound with his parents and sisters, celebrating Father’s Day this weekend! I just want to wake up from this nightmare! But I know it’s not a dream, because no nightmare my subconscious could manufacture could ever be as heinous as the reality that has occurred. Love you Noah. 

  9. Eileen, I think that’s that’s part of the point of what Lenny and most of the other Sandy Hook families have done.  They want their loved ones to be remembered this way and not by the horrible images of the shooting and the aftermath.

  10. I’m sure that upsets all moms who see that thinking of how Veronique feels.  I imagine she and the other moms feel like their kids were ripped out of their arms.

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