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  1. I think of this picture often, as each of my boys has brought me a fistful of dandelions on more than one occasion, it always reminds me about perspective…I have some very similar pictures. Thanks for sharing a picture of your beautiful boy. I’ll love him forever. Praying for you all as always.

  2. Beautiful Noah….

    I’ve always loved this picture. Those yellow dandelions remind me of him; bright, with a sunny disposition.

    Dandelions used to annoy me. People go to great lengths to eradicate them from their lawns, and we were no exception. No more. Ever since I saw that beautiful picture of Noah soon after his loss, I absolutely love dandelions. They’re all over my lawn, and I don’t care what the neighbours think. They are special to me, because of Noah. Love you, sweetest boy… ❤️

  3. Lenny Pozner Yes, I can just picture the two of them. Little kids are so pure hearted.

    Deven brought me a fist full of wilted clovers last week that he picked for me from the school yard. He then fished out an empty water bottle from our recycling bin, filled it with water, and set the bouquet of clovers in it. They were waiting for me on the living room table when I got home from work. I made sure they were dry as hay before I threw them out 2 days ago.

  4. Love it when little boys pick a bouquet of dandelions for mom thinking they are the prettiest flower they have ever seen! As a mom your heart melts and you put that bouquet of weeds in a vase with water for days. Precious picture of Noah!

  5. I drove by a for sale sign the other day that had a picture of a dandelion on it, but not the yellow kind, the dandelion in the fluffy state and some of its seeds had begun to blow in the wind.

    It got me thinking about this picture and dandelions and how for a dandelion, its end, brings new life.

    It made me think of Noah, and how his beautiful vibrant life was cut short, just as is often in the life of a dandelion…but oh how the seeds of his life have been scattered, into our hearts, his life has been imparted, bringing about love, and laughter, and joy as we honor his memory each of us in our own way. Thank you Lenny &Veronique for being the breath that spreads those seeds. 

  6. It made me want to find a beautiful poem that could express what I was thinking but I didn’t, but I did find some I thought would be appreciated, so I’m sharing them here here’s the first one.

    A dandelion is the first sign of hope in the spring

    A dandelion is the first expression of love, for it is the first “flower” usually given to a mother by a small child.

    A dandelion makes itself known

    A dandelion is not conscious of class and equally casts itself on the rich and the poor.

    A dandelion provides beauty and color where nothing else will grow.

    A dandelion can be cut, trampled, dug up, or pulled up and still bounces back with its witness as though nothing happened.

    A dandelion is a victim of slander, for some people call it a weed, but it pushes on undaunted to conquer the world.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we would all be more like dandelions?

    Author: Unknown

  7. And the second…


    I am the breath you exhale

    That sends dandelion seeds asail.

    To you, a momentary pleasure,

    While it gives my life new measure.

    You’ve plucked me from home,

    Blew me into the unknown.

    I might be a seed under your boot,

    My existence could seem moot.

    But next summer, when you’ve lost incentive

    In momentary pleasures, no longer attentive,

    I’ll be in full bloom.

    Pick me up, I’ll rebound again soon.

    Noah’s life is still, and will continue to be a radiant light in a dark place, bursting forth in this world, as his memory is honored.

  8. This is one of my favorite pics of Noah…he definitely looks like an angel sent from above…dandelions are one of my favorite flowers and it makes me happy and brings me peace knowing that me and Noah had a few things in common…I still think of Noah everyday and honestly I don’t cry for him now as much as I used too because I have hope in knowing I will see him one day in Heaven…Noah you are so beautiful and I love you so much…I know your having fun picking flowers in Heaven <3

  9. Same here this is one  of my favorite   pictures of Noah .no matter how busy i get i still often think of Noah .he looks so cute .thoughts and prays forever.

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