27 thoughts on “7/7/12”

  1. The sweetest siblings. I’m so glad they’ve shared many adventures in the short time they had together. They are still together by the love they feel for each other within their spirits.

  2. It’s so nice to know that Noah loved to travel and loved taking pictures 🙂 it’s very comforting to know that Noah had a wonderful life and was very adventurous and that he loved his family…I’m sure he knows how many of us are in love with him now <3

  3. Hi Len, hope you and your family are doing well today. Thinking of Noah on this hot day. It 97 degrees and lam sure since Noah loved the water so much he would be playing in the water all day. I have had Noah in my thoughts a lot lately, l wish he was here with you and Veronique, and his sisters. Lots of tears! God love Noah. I know I do.

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