Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting



26 thoughts on “4/19/2010”

  1. He is the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen… Just so perfect and his smile is just contagious ???? Noah you are so brave cause whatever you have in your fingers I would never pickup ???? I love you with all my heart and soul Noah ????

  2. Little cutie pie! I love how kids will touch and like all kinds of animals. 

    Is that Delray Beach in Florida Lenny? You take your children to so many nice places, their short lives are full of love and adventures. 

  3. Hi Lenny, wasn’t able to sleep much last night & my thoughts were on my kids & Noah slipped in there too, followed by Arielle & Sophia.

    I have gotten to know many little boys through having my own- friends or classmates of my kids- & there’s always one or two that you notice more or feel differently about. Like the one little charmer who threw my banana cake against the kitchen wall on a play date ( he’s not coming over again!), or the sweetie pie who is always by Mr 7’s side at school….I count Noah as one of my boys’ friends because I do think thry would have clicked well together from what I know of Noah. As you know, I see reminders of him all over the place & he is very much on my mind as I think of my children and I wonder if the way he crosses my mind is his doing. In any case, I will always leave the door to my thoughts open in case he chooses to enter. He is already resident in my heart.

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