Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

Thank You, Julia, for honoring Noah in this way.  This would have been Noah’s kind of fun, especially in Dubai!

Thank You, Julia, for honoring Noah in this way.  This would have been Noah’s kind of fun, especially in Dubai!


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36 thoughts on “Thank You, Julia, for honoring Noah in this way.  This would have been Noah’s kind of fun, especially in Dubai!”

  1. A friend asked if I’d like to try the Color Run this year so I thought, “Yeah, why not!” & signed us up. Then as I explained the run to my boys, & saw their excitement, I thought of how much Noah would have enjoyed the experience too. So, we took Noah with us on Saturday for all the noisy, messy, loud, colourful fun! Still got some colour on- the pink stays for longest!

  2. Oh boy, here’s another one. Lord how is it possible that people believe this was a hoax? Common sense should point you people in the right direction. It’s disturbing that people watch these stupid you tube videos and believe that nonsense, wake up people, they want you to watch these videos, they make money off of them, and they know your weak minded so they feed into that so that you keep watching, which gives them more views which equal more money…smh get it??

  3. Justin, your comment suggests that your ability to reason and mirror is off.  You also liked your own comment which has a ring of self grandeur or narcissism. These could be signs of a much more serious psychological  or neurological problem. I’m not kidding here. Go get checked. Many who have these symptoms think they are fine until the problems are too advanced for any real hope of intervention. I deal with many clients who suffer from mental health issues. When we hear comments like yours, we bring in our social workers right away to coordinate psycho-social and/or medical evaluations. Good luck.

  4. Lenny, I feel for you having to read these horrible comments from the people who think this was a hoax. I just flag all their comments as abuse to Google. These people think law enforcement can’t find out who they are. They think making a fake Google profile is cover enough. They don’t realize all it takes is for Google to be asked what IP Address and MAC number sent the comment and they are easily identified. 

  5. Jon Focker this goes way past people asking questions Jon, people have threatened this innocent man, and dragged him and his family through the mud with false accusations and harassment. He has nothing to hide and has gone out of his way to prove to people like you by sharing personal information such as the death certificate, but no matter what he says or does, it just isn’t enough is it? What’s it going to take Jon? When is it going to be enough for all of you? Don’t you think they have been through enough? How would you feel if that was your son? God forbid you have to walk a mile in his shoes… Think about that

  6. They can question the event if they want to Jon Focker. They cross the line when they address and confront the family members of the 26 victims. No one gives a rat’s patooty what you all think. Feel free to think whatever gives you a thrill, but when you violate the private lives of the victims’ families, who did not ask for the fame they were propelled into due to this high profile tragedy, you are harassing American citizens who do not welcome your intrusion or your offensive opinion. That is against the law, and prosecutable if the subject of the harassment chooses to pursue it. Common sense! Posting their pictures and names on YouTube videos and on social media with slanderous accusations which defame their character and reputation is also prosecutable. You have your opinions, but they are not based on personal knowledge of fact, but simply suspicions. That doesn’t make said suspicions fact. Your suspicions are wrong, and you are harassing people who have had to bury their children and deal with grief and loss. This FACT is something that you conspiracy theorists aren’t even allowing yourselves to consider in dealing with your suspicions and acting upon them, so your actions have been deplorable and abusive. If this doesn’t apply to your own personal behaviour, ignore my comment, but just by virtue of the fact that you’re posting your views on a grieving parent’s page which honours his murdered child, your action suggests otherwise. 

  7. Shari Knight That’s not to mention how much the NRA is making selling guns, and they want to protect that.  There are people who actually believe the NRA cares about their rights.

  8. I really feel for you Lenny, having to face this month is alone enough to endure…but then to have these horrible people, decide to bump it up a notch, make the most recent ridiculous video, and then attack you even more than usual because you worked to remove it is just absurd. I know I have felt the weight of frustration left behind by these moronic comments designed to stir anger and frustration and weaken the spirit…I have for sure felt it right along with you, I’ve blocked them all as soon as they post, bc I don’t even want to hear their venomous spew…I know you are so strong, I don’t know where you draw your strength from, but you are an exemplary person in this. I am praying for you, Lenny, that God will strengthen you 10x over and give you great peace and comfort.

  9. I’ve always been a nice person, but I find now that I’m even more open to helping others who need it. Acts of kindness bring so much more joy these days. And I know I’m not alone in this. Just ask Julia. It’s one of many positive life changing influences Noah has had on people.

  10. Yup Shari Knight. It’s very telling how they hide behind fake identities with which to carry out the bullying and harassment of grieving parents and their supporters. Suggests to me that they know full well what they’re doing is on the wrong side of the law, not to mention heartless, immoral and diabolical.

  11. Here we go again, another person who doesn’t even live in our country THINKS he knows what’s up…smh SIR johnson, just worry about what’s going on in Cairns dude, we have enough of our own crazy over here to deal with

  12. SIR johnson No one else thinks it’s real???!!! Obviously, you don’t get out into the real world much. I suspect sitting behind your computer all day conversing with fellow conspiritards would give you the impression that “everybody” thinks like you do. You’re wrong, and you’re vile. Be gone!

  13. Well, SIR johnson, you psychotic nut job, since it really did happen, and 20 parents lost their little 6 & 7 year olds, your statement about using kids in a hoax is FALSE in the real world which you don’t live in, and in that real world, you are the vile one.

  14. He’s gonna have to create another new username because he’s gonna get blocked.  You know only intelligent people type in all caps and can’t use proper spelling or grammar.

  15. Shari Knight Sir Johnson is obviously highly agitated. We don’t know what we are dealing with here and our continued engagement may just aggravate his situation. We don’t want to feed his problem.  While it’s a HUGE desire to respond to his comments in defense of Lenny and his family, it may be best if we just ignore him. If we can find our way to do that, he’ll just be talking to himself. 

  16. Dan Geiger I have strong desires to bite back, especially here. I have to remind myself to step back and look at these commenters as people with problems. Sometimes I’m good and sometimes I can get snarky. It’s a work in progress.

  17. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Someone has created a google + account in my full name (Cheryl Trivelli). I use Cheryl T. He or she has attempted to communicate with others in my circle. So if you see anything unusual with my full name on it, please know it’s not me. Thanks.

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