Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

7/08/2010  —  Far Rockaway

7/08/2010  —  Far Rockaway 

16 thoughts on “7/08/2010  —  Far Rockaway”

  1. Hi Lenny,

    Love the spikey hair. Looks like the stoops in front of my home back in Brooklyn. Happy Noah. The camera loves him, I hope you, Veronique and the girls feel some love and comfort today and everyday. God Bless

  2. I love these cute feet! Like in the picture reading with your kids. It is said that when a puppy’s got big feet, it’s gonna be a big and strong dog. I think little Noah here would have grown so strong! He is gorgeous! Love you Noah Pozner! 

  3. How I wish there were visiting hours in heaven…if I could just have one minute…one moment with Noah I would hug him so tight and tell him how much we love him and miss him and want him back with us!!Mr.Pozner if its ok with you I would love to name my second Son Noah Samuel <3

  4. it must be like the worst nightmare indeed, thinking that other children were right there. It must be the hardest situation for these young children to cope with what they have lived through. I hope your children are doing alright. I wish them the best!

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