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  1. I also like the new cover photo. I can’t quite explain myself in English, es que , aunque puede parecer infantil, el invierno y la visión de la nieve a recién caida nos llena siempre a los hombres de una inexplicable sensación de felicidad. Que tengas un día muy feliz Lenny!

  2. Noah saw the cover photo this morning. “No es justo. Ellos tienen nieve y nosotros no!” complained Noah. Noah loves snow and would name winter as the favorite season, although in Spain we never really ever have snow. Noah knows it though, from visits to grandparents’ house in Germany. Noah would say “Me gusta cuando todo está blanco. Me gusta el ruido que hace cuando piso la nieve y como huele a nieve por la mañana cuando salgo a la calle. ¡Me encanta!” Children usually love the winter, for them it’s what they see and hear and smell, before the hour of reasoning grows when they are becoming adults. I hope your kids are having a very joyful winter time!

  3. I sure think that Noah loved winter too. I remember one photo of him in the snow with his sister by the fence behind your house making a snowman. Noah looks very happy there! I wished so much he could be out there making another one. He is such a gorgeous boy! I truly wish you and your family the best Lenny!

  4. Dear Lenny

    It warms my heart to hear you say that Noah is a part of all children and all children are a part of Noah. My family always includes Noah. Small things such as an extra candle on a birthday cake. It is our way of honoring and remembering. It is my way of raising three boys with love and kindness in there hearts. Love…

  5. I love the different colours in Noah’s hair you can see in this picture. All the colours he needed. I am sure I have felt Noah there beside my boys when they’ve been playing, dancing, running amok. He’s always welcome.

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