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  1. Hi Lenny,

    Just too precious, the love these two had for eachother. Noah is so handsome and strong. Please give Arielle and Sophia a hug from me and my family. God Bless Noah and your family.

  2. Those pictures always speak of such a beautiful family life. What a blessing to have children and what a blessing to see them grow. I believe what Noah’s mom had said, that Noah is still and forever very much there. 

  3. Dear Lenny,

    So here’s a long one. For all of us, our lives on earth allow us to be witnesses to our times. Times that will become the history we tell those who come after. Unforgettable moments, both private & shared. Hopefully many will be beautiful, magical, triumphant times. The kind that you treasure. And some will be painful in their wretchedness; frightening. For me, some of the latter are in no particular order the shooting of John Lennon, handling bomb threats on aircraft (twice), 9/11, the bloody revolutions in societies across the Middle East where I live, the AIDS pandemic, the Bali Bombings and many more. I’m in my 40’s now & as I contemplate who I am & what I’ve learned along the road, I can say for sure that it is what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012 that has had the most impact on my life. No doubt. Even taking into consideration my perspective : On 9/11, I was operating a flight from Dubai to Tehran during the events. A plane full of terrified Iranian passengers. Who watched me watching them. I was told much later that I had carried one of the hijackers to London on one of my flights….so apart from the obvious horror of it, I will always remember 9/11 for personal reasons.

    Unforgettable. I will never forget what those first days & weeks were like, especially in the aviation world, in the Middle East. Yet, what transpired at Noah Pozner’s school has stopped me in my tracks, changed me & led me to first appreciate, then learn about & remember Noah. To appreciate and remember the 26 lives stolen that day. It has caused many sleepless nights, tears & sorrow. It has caused meaningful & purposeful intention. It has caused me to figure out ways to actively change things. It has made me parent my kids more mindfully. All this & I was not “connected,” as when 9/11 happened.

    Back to the first kind of unforgettable moments- the beautiful,magical triumphant ones. What happened at that school has led me to these moments too. To witness the beauty of a boyhood being enjoyed by someone I didn’t know. To witness the magic he brought & all those children brought to the world when we sadly, sorrowfully knew their names.To learn of the amazing courage shown by the adults working at Sandy Hook and as First Responders. To watch the triumphs of Noah’s life through pictures & videos, the love he had for his family& his life & the beauty of his perfect face.

    I wish I had not been changed, that is, I wish this had never happened. The wrongfulness of it is what I hope to never witness again, with each school shooting that happens. But the magic of a boy I have learnt about & taken into my heart is something I am grateful for. So maybe that is the best triumph to witness. More people know the names & remember the lives lived than the human cause of their loss.

  4. That was so beautiful, Julia Macaulay. It was very difficult to keep my eyes in focus on all those beautiful words through the tears streaming down my face. Thank you for that deeply thoughtful comment, that I’m sure speaks for all of us.

  5. Julia, very well said. Its amazing how we are all so similar in are feelings about what sandyhook means to us. 9/11 was a terrible tragedy and has changed the country. But to me sandyhook has affected me in such a profound way. To have all of those innocent little babies lives cut short that way is in my opinion onr of the worst tragedies in US history.

  6. Hi Lenny nice to here from you. Hope you had a nice weekend with your beautiful family. Seeing this picture of Noah and Arille makes my day. They are perfect together, they have a timeless bond that is so special. The love they have for each other is priceless, and it shows in this picture. God bless them both. We all love and prey for them.

  7. Yes, very well said Julia Macaulay . I can just agree with you. And me too, I’m very grateful for Lenny sharing the wonder of Noah’s life with us. I remember another picture of the two in the same pose in the same kitchen, just a different day. It must have been a favorite thing for them to do, Noah lifting Arielle up and then maybe turn around in circles. ¡Hermano fuerte!

  8. I love that new cover photo. These cute ears with that little head in between. So much magic. The little hands…

    I would want to turn them around and hug them

    Most beautiful picture

    with a Canon Powershot

  9. Thanks, again, for sharing,Lenny. Julia, you are spot on in your comment. I had just been on the job as an American Red Cross nurse a few months when I witnessed the selflessness of people when they flocked to a donation center to give blood for the victims of 9-11. Yet, it is Noah and Sandy Hook that is in my thoughts daily: sometimes they are happy thoughts, often anger for this having happened, but most often sadness for a life lost way too young.

  10. Jan, I’m always amazed by the people who rush to do something good after a tragedy or during a tragedy.  We don’t always know all of the names, but there are always heroes.

  11. Precious photo of two beauties.  I know with the new school year, thoughts of Noah are never far; he would be a third grader, what would have been…I wish you and your family a safe and successful school year.  xoxoxo

  12. My twins are three years old. Observing my twins show love and kindness for each other, each day, makes me often think of Arielle and the difficulties she must be facing. I hope Arielle is doing well.

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