Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

9/16/11  —  Childrens Adventure Center

9/16/11  —  Childrens Adventure Center

11 thoughts on “9/16/11  —  Childrens Adventure Center”

  1. It’s amazing that none of us knew Noah personally and yet we all feel this connection to him and love for him…out of the 26 Noah is the only one that sticks out in my mind that I cry and pray for everyday…He’s truly an Angel that is looking down over all of us and I truly believe that we all will see Noah on the other side!I love you Noah <3

  2. that is true we all got to know Noah  thanks to his parents sharing Noah with us all and his older sister ,yes  i love   Noah too but i also hurt for all the kids that day they all were young and full of love and most of all so innocent, loved their  mom and dads.Conn was once my home when i first saw the picture of Noah i said no no, then all the rest of the pics came out of the kids.That was a bad day.i do say Noah was very special an  yes we all have some kinda connection with him.

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