Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

9/18/11   Coney Island

9/18/11   Coney Island

7 thoughts on “9/18/11   Coney Island”

  1. They have this at our local fair. My little guy was so little the first time he rode it. He was probably 4. I think the picture I took was from 2010. He won’t get back on it now that he is older. Such brave kids! Hope they had fun.

  2. I have grown to love your children. Noah, Arielle and Sophia. I am looking forward to seeing what the girls grow up to be. I feel sure that whatever it is, Noah will be the driving force. I pray for these children as much as I do my own. Love…

  3. Hi Lenny,

    He looks like such a brave little boy. Reminds me of my boys. I’m always the one going with them on these rides, my wife is too chicken. Not that I am that “brave”, they make me go with them. God Bless Noah, Arielle and Sopia and your wonderful family. Always in my thoughts.

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