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  1. Hi Lenny

    What a wonderful little artist. Recognized this from Noah’ Playground pictures. So cute. It is our loss not to have any new art from Noah, but his inspiration in all of us will never go away. Love you little artist.

  2. Lenny, I just realized that this drawing is made in the same colours that Noah’s playground is painted in; dark blue, teal blue, and yellow. Is this a coincidence or did you and Veronique choose the colours based on those Noah chose in his drawing?

  3. Ves C That is an interesting coincidence with the colors of the drawing and the playground.  We picked those colors to represent a scene on a beach.  Noah always had the greatest time playing in the sand & ocean. Blue was Noah’s favorite color and it represents both him on the playground and the sky. Yellow is the sun and aqua would be the ocean and tan for the beach sand.  Together with the sound of children laughing and playing and those colors capture the essence of Noah in timeless play.

  4. Oh Lenny, tears, that is just so beautiful how you chose the colors…and I love that it just so happens to be the same colors that were used in the drawing…it makes it even more of a treasure, both the playground and the drawing…I’m so Glad Ves C brought that to your attention. She may not have noticed had she not been at the playground, and had such personal experience there, I love how all these things work together for good <3

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