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Veronique’s Speech at Noah’s Playground ribbon cutting:

Veronique’s Speech at Noah’s Playground ribbon cutting:

For me, this past year has been an attempt to pluck meaning from the fog… emerge, like the sphinx, from the ashes of my loss.  Since that dreadful day in December of 2012, my body, spirit and soul began a slow descent into a lightless, bottomless cavern.  I was in turn angry and despairing at my powerlessness to reverse the course of events of that day.  The loss was unimaginable yet no do-overs were possible.  That is what I have had to come to terms with….no matter how many alternative scenarios I contemplated, the immutable fact remained that they were all a product of my mind. 

Noah was, and is, gone.  Vanished. 

Or is he?   I have come to slowly realize, as I peel away the layers of grief and spiritual paralysis, that he is very much there, organically incorporated into the fabric of my life, my thoughts, hopes and dreams.  That my mission now is to live life for him, without him yes, but for him too.  Because through me, he remains here in this Earthly plane.  And what more fitting way is there to honor him than the laughter and kinetic energy of childhood play?

Noah loved playgrounds.  He loved the endless possibilities of climbing and Super Hero role playing.  He enjoyed being the master of his own safe, child-sized universe.  That in his name that same gift can be afforded to other children is something for which I am eternally grateful.  I wish to thank each and everyone of those involved in this project for the healing power it has brought into my life and for the many hours of joy and play it will give children for years to come.

I want to close by quoting a poem from the great 13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic, Rumi.  To me the following illustrates that love is eternal, that it lifts us from the constraints of this life and transports us to dimensions yet unknown, where Noah is surely waiting for us.

“This is love:

to fly toward a secret sky,

to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.

First to let go of life.

Finally to take a step without feet.”

20 thoughts on “Veronique’s Speech at Noah’s Playground ribbon cutting:”

  1. Beautiful words Veronique! Noah’s presence is in my music, and I will continue to uplift with what I have been given. He will never be forgotten, and his spirit will continue to ripple outward, affecting others. God bless you and your whole family. <3

  2. It was a very beautiful speech, Veronique. Hearing you pouring your heart into those beautiful words was incredibly touching. Knowing that you’ve found comfort in Noah’s spirit is comforting to those of us who hold you and your family dear to our hearts. Love to all of you… Love to Noah.

  3. AWESOME and then some, Marybeth Santos. Touching, beautiful, memorable, and an honour also come to mind. I will never forget being there for Noah and the Pozner’s as long as I live and breathe, and beyond. Noah’s presence was all over that playground. I can’t tell you how hard it was to keep composed, and honestly, I failed a few times. Lenny and Veronique are among the strongest, warmest people among humanity. Sophia and Arielle are beautiful, sweet little girls with a loving nature and such warm hearts, as I know Noah was as well. I adore this family, and am so glad I was able to take this opportunity to meet them and share this experience alongside them.

    The Sandy Ground people are absolute angels, who truly deserve the greatest of praise for what they’ve brought to these families and to the memories of their loved ones. My respect goes out to everyone involved.

    Noah, I know you watched everything from above, sweet little angel…

  4. Very well and beautifuly stated. Veronique you have the gift of the spoken word. I love how you speak about your beautiful Noah. It comes from the heart, your words, they go straight to my heart. We all love you and will always support you and lenny and the girls. God bless you Veronique.

  5. Beautiful Mr. Pozner! Thank you for letting me speak with you the other day! You have a gorgeous family! I’m so glad to have gotten the chance to tell you how much Noah means to me! He will always have a special place in my heart!

  6. Mr. Pozner, I forgot to ask you if there was a PO Box for the public to send cards and gifts to?? Sorry to bother you but I got caught up in the privilege I felt to talk to you! Thanks again to you and Mrs. Pozner for allowing us on Long Island to be a part of something beautiful for your adorable and sweet little Noah! Remember, there are so many people out there who are praying and who genuinely care! God Bless you and the families today and always! All my love, ALWAYS!!

  7. I’m glad you put Veronique’s speech here, Lenny, because I couldn’t watch the video for some reason. Thankyou.

    I especially liked what she told us about Noah loving being the master of his own universe & how she is manifesting her mission to live life for him. How I wish I could have been there to help construct that playground!

    Rumi’s poem is so apt. More than admiration for her speech. Thankyou. I know Noah’s waiting for you in that place.

  8. Very loving and moving, holding back tears as I read your beautiful heart felts words Veronique. I can’t begin to imagine your pain, but I feel like I can truely feel your love for Noah, and your hopes. You deserve all the best all the peace that can be.

    I was talking with a friend whose mom had just passed away. He was talking about Einstein and how energy does not go away, it just moves, and how he saw heaven as where our life energy goes. I feel Noah and his friends and teachers are look at us from above and smiling.

    God Bless Noah and his wonderful family.

  9. The words bring tears to my eyes and sorrow to my heart. You will always be in our thoughts, Noah. Beautiful speech, Veronique. Thank you, again, for sharing, Len. I so wish I could have shared that day in person with all of you.

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