Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

Being silly with a wig.

Being silly with a wig.

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  1. Thinking of your Noah today , I have so much to be thankful for but I am also painfully aware that for so many families this will be another first without there loved ones so my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family today . I will do all that I can to honer Noah s life this holiday season !

  2. I thought that was Noah’s real hair, like in another picture when he was younger. But cute anyway. We are on vacation and here we saw for the first time in our lives something of the WWE on TV. It was John Cena’s team against some other team, all tall and with long hair. Noah here was really impressed and got all worried that they may kill each other because it was pretty brutal. Watching for a while, Noah asked whether this was real or whether they were acting, since some got up although they had been hit really hard, and then we figured that they must be acting. Noah then asked why would people cheer them on, if the outcome is set up anyways. Well all the thinking Noah did was cute and it made me remember this photo of your boy. So I went to look it up. Did he like WWE? I saw in other fotos that he likes karate or taekwondo, so maybe he also likes watching wwe. It must be so hard for you. It cannot be imagined. I wish you and your family the best Lenny. Many greetings from Europe

  3. I imagine that scene. With lots of kids at home there’s so much energy and then always someone ending up getting hurt. But they enjoy the company so much. Makes me remember the foto with you guys reading on the sofa. You seem such a great father. I hope you guys keep watching WWE and enjoy it.

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