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  1. My heart is breaking right now with thst Video..I have such a special place in my heart for Noah because I have twin Grandsons and one of them, his name is Jaxon reminds me so much of Noah..Dear God what has this world come to..

  2. “Well, that’s the whole thing….” What greatly saddens me is that he had so many more stories to tell. What a great imagination and I loved hearing his voice…………..

  3. He sounds just like my Nephew who is 6 and both of them have very similarities and like to make up stories lol Noah you are so loved and miss and I still cry thinking of you…fly high sweet Angel oxoxox

  4. I watched this for the first time about a week ago & it made me cry. Later, I showed it to my boys & their reaction was totally different- they asked to see it over & over because one or the other kept talking & reacting to Noah’s story. They thought it was an “awesome” story- wow, a goblin trying to fight Spidey & lay a trap! They know about Noah, you see. They call him their “friend up in Heaven”. I have no doubt that had they ever had the chance to meet, they would have adopted Mr Noah as a friend immediately.

    Thank you for sharing Noah’s voice, Lenny. Watching him move, well, what a dear little boy. His hands, his feet, shifting his weight & holding that bit of wood (?) while concentrating on his story, always moving, huh Noah? I

    look up at the stars & think of you.

    Lenny & Veronique, I hope 2014 brings you moments of respite from what you are dealing with so bravely. Be gentle with yourselves.

  5. +Julia Macaulay me too I saw the video many times. He is just too cute, the way he talks, moving around so gorgeously! Thank you so much for sharing with us Lenny! Noah here also watched it and besides the word “Spiderman” didn’t understand anything, but it didn’t matter because Noah intuitively knew what Noah must have been talking about “Está contando una aventura de Speederrmahn” (as kids pronounce it here). And Noah watched it over and over again, being curious about what lake or river that was where Noah was exploring and what he had been exploring “ÂżQuĂ© habrá estado explorando ahĂ­??”. Noah here always says when going out to play “Voy a ir explorando” and then steps out of the door so purposefully “Voy a ser el mejor explorador del mundo!”. They are beautiful. Thank you again for sharing and may these beautiful memories keep you going Lenny!

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