Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

Noah is standing just a few feet away from the glass wall that was broken to gain entry into the school on 12-14-12.

Noah is standing just a few feet away from the glass wall that was broken to gain entry into the school on 12-14-12.

51 thoughts on “Noah is standing just a few feet away from the glass wall that was broken to gain entry into the school on 12-14-12.”

  1. Lenny, l have this beautiful picture on my desk. When l saw this picture for the first time l cried, then fell in love with that sweet face. So angelic, so beautiful.

  2. Wow, I think I had the same reaction seeing this post as I did seeing it the first time. I’m not even sure there’s a word for it. He captivated my heart the second I saw his face. I never watch the news, it’s too upsetting and I am too emotionally affected by things, I saw news of this for the first time on Facebook, I was pregnant and about to take a nap…I tried to suppress and forget about it, but couldn’t…I never got to sleep. Then my husband and I picked up our 1st grader from school to take him with us to a neurosurgeon appt for my husband who had just been in a major car accident, I sat in that dr office lobby surrounded by TV stations all with news of this horrible event and I just cried.

    And when the pictures finally came out I remember watching the TV in my bedroom, which was now always playing news, and they were about to show the pictures and I closed my eyes and prayed. Then I opened my eyes and Of the entire spread of pictures my eyes zeroed in on this beautiful boy, reminding me so much of my own, his sweet expression.

    I was never the same. I am so thankful for you and Veronique for being so open to share your lives and Noah’s with all of us, my heart broke deeply that day, but now, though it aches greatly still, my heart is also full, because thanks to you I feel like I know him, and we’ve gotten to know you, and we’ve gotten to know each other, as a community of supporters and I think that is just so beautiful, and something to be thankful for. So I for one, am glad God orchestrated events so that I was forced to watch this story unfold, and I am thankful that he gave me the strength to open my eyes and see those beautiful faces, especially this one! Thank you for sharing Lenny.

  3. Marybeth, I hope your husband is doing ok now. It must have been extra upsetting having a son the same age as the kids that died. I was working out at the gym when I first saw the news. I don’t normally pay close attention to the news while I’m working out, but that day I had to. I also was affected by realizing one of the kids has the same first name as me (my given name is Daniel).

  4. Thank you Dan.Yes, I volunteered in my sons class once a week, it was very emotional after 12-14-12…it still is every time I go to the school. As I’m sure it is for many when they go to their kids schools.

  5. Lenny,

    To everyone, it is amazing how so many of us had the same reaction to seeing this picture of Noah, for many of us the first time we saw his angelic face. Marybeth I can’t imagine how you must feel, Sandy Hook is such a wonderful community. We should never forget all the volunteers, teachers, neighbors and friends whose lives will never be the same.

    I remember seeing this picture the first time, it is hard to explain, but he just looked like a cool, happy kid. You could tell he was well liked. By boys would have liked playing with him.

    Praying for you Lenny and Sandy Hook

  6. This is the first picture I saw of Noah too. It took my breath away. Due to the time difference, we were holding our annual Christmas drinks party at the same time this horror was unfolding half a world away. When I worked that out, I felt nauseous. It wouldn’t be for the last time either. Last year, 2013, I couldn’t bring myself to hold one at all.

    A friend who stayed overnight after the party saw it on the internet & told us the next morning (15/12/12) We stood there in our kitchen not saying anything. It felt unbelievable at the time. We were silent. The night before, after most people had left & the party was winding down, about 8 of us were siting around talking about various places to live & move to & somebody said they’d love to move to the Eastern US, Connecticut to be exact. Another expressed the opinion that with kids, they didn’t feel the States were a safe bet with guns & metal detectors in schools. Then the conversation moved on…..

    My husband put the newspaper in the kitchen later that morning folded over because he didn’t want our kids to see all the photos. I opened it & there was Noah. I felt a physical reaction to that face, the posture, everything. He resembled my nephew at 6 so maybe that is what drew me to him. My boys were 8 & 5 at the time & I also spent lots of time volunteering at the school. The picture in my most horrible fears was easily imagined.

    I remember when school went back after Christmas, I thought of how every morning, I took them in to the building & with all the other parents, dropped them off & happily walked out, thinking,” Ok, that’s done, now off to the supermarket” or work or whatever. Just like that. Taking their safety as a given, just as it should be at school. I can’t say how sorry I feel about those 26 children & women.

  7. Al Berkowitz I am actually in North Carolina 😉 in case i made it sound like I was in sandy hook, I’ve never actually been to sandy hook, but you are right we need to never forget any of the people in that community who were affected.

  8. Such a beautiful picture of Noah, I did not even read that in this picture he was standing close to where that nut broke through the glass that terrible day. So heartbreaking, it was one of them days where you will never forget where you were and what you were doing that exact moment when you heard the gut wrenching news. I know that I will never forget, to me the world changed on that day.

  9. Without any context, that’s just a pic of a cute kid, but knowing what happened to him and knowing what happened right there, it’s really upsetting.

  10. I think that that would have been really upsetting, but also at the same time brought some closure.  If I were in your situation, I don’t know if I could have go into that building.  I just hope I never find out.

  11. Dan Geiger As hard as it is, I know I would have done the same thing as Lenny and Veronique. As horrible and upsetting it is, no matter what, being a mother…I would have to know.

  12. Such a lovely picture. I also feel as everyone else who has commented on how they felt first seeing this picture of Noah. My neighbors are from Sandy Hook and had just moved to my area, Northern Virginia, 6 months prior to this tragedy. She knew the Hockley’s very well and her kids babysat for them as well as a few of the kids in the area. Her kids also attending Sandy Hook Elem.

    Though I personally didn’t know any of the children or the adults, I felt very close to everyone, particularly Noah. My friend from Sandy Hook who now lives here was very kind in being supportive towards my feelings about all that I couldn’t make sense of a senseless act.

    I was a mess for a long time and today its still tough to talk about without tears in my eyes. I’m still heartbroken so I can only imagine the pain the Pozner’s feel.

    I hope with every passing day they’re gaining strength and are able to still find happiness with the children they still have and others they love.

    Blessings to you Lenny and Veronique & kids. You’re in my thoughts daily. Noah will NEVER be forgotten by any of us.

  13. Anissa, that is a little scary that it hit so close to home.  Would your neighbor’s kids still have been at Sandy Hook if they still lived there or would they have been older?  I mentioned on another page that a friend of mine (who I met later) was at NIU when the shooting happened, and had been in the building like an hour before.    

  14. This is absolutely my favorite picture of Noah…and i fell deeply in love with him and his eyes,his mouth and lips his gorgeous smile and his jet black hair just stand out…this was the first pic I saw of Noah when I heard about the shooting and I just thought to myself how and why could somebody do such a horrible thing to such a gorgeous child…I saved this picture of Noah on my phone and I also have this picture on my mirror so I can look at him everyday…He is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen <3

  15. I love this picture , Noah  its one of the first pictures i seen it also makes me feel upset He did look good in his jacket i remember the story his mom said about his knew jacket he got in the fall .

  16. I am so sorry you lost your babies so young I hope they are resting in peace God bless them all

    I live in northwest Connecticut in Litchfield county I remember that day like it was yesterday it was scary

  17. Hi Dan, no. My neighbors kids would have gone to the high school at this point. They all are heartbroken but of course trying to be supportive. They visit often and try to give support to everyone they know and don’t know in that community. Though they do say its tough visiting because they love that little town and ended up moving there to give their kids the best educations which is what I understand Veronique and Lenny were doing? I wish we could turn back the hands of time and been able to have saved all of those children and educators. Its just heartbreaking.

  18. I saw that she was at NIU at the time of the shooting, and I asked her about it.  I always think it must be kind of like the people who missed the plane on 9/11.  I was wondering if your neighbor’s kids knew any of the siblings of the kids that died, I know that Noah and Chase have high school age siblings.  Vicki Soto did too, but her brother would have been at a different high school.

  19. One interesting thing about that picture is that without any context it’s just a pic of a cute kid.  If you know the story behind it, though, it’s really upsetting on several levels.

  20. That’s a disturbing pic on several levels.  He’s just a normal happy kid, then he died just a short time later.  That’s not to mention that it’s a peaceful scene right near where a horrible act of violence would happen.

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