Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

7/4/2009 — Lake Compounce Amusement Park

7/4/2009 — Lake Compounce Amusement Park

29 thoughts on “7/4/2009 — Lake Compounce Amusement Park”

  1. Noah i wish I could have gotten the chance to swim with you…now your swimming in the seas of the heavenlies and I know your having the time of your life…I love you so much Noah <3

  2. Noah, you are such a beautiful little soul. You have captured our hearts, and we will love you each and every day of forever…

  3. Just sweet and so adorable. I was zooming in on his sweet little face, such a cute expression. I swear to god Lenny, he sure was the cutest, most precious child.

  4. I love going to lake compounce so much, such a fun place filled with so many fun memories, I hope you made many with Noah there too πŸ™‚ -Lyna

  5. Stephanie Mcgarry He was a shining light in this world; an absolute star. He would have become a special man, for sure. His beautiful face and unbridled charisma would have touched so many lives in his lifetime. As we can see, he’s touched so many lives in only 6 years.ο»Ώ

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