Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Shooting

Playing angry birds 2010

Playing angry birds 2010

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  1. Mr. Pozner,

    You don’t know me, but I had to share this with someone who will understand. My life has changed in the last 7 months so drastically that I can no longer be called the same person. Part of that is because of your little boy Noah. For reasons I can not articulate, he has had a profound effect on me. I have become an activist and I hope that what I am doing honors his memory and that he approves.

    Last night I dreamt of him. I was watching a video of him visiting a home somewhere (for elderly or disabled people). He was standing in the doorway wearing a red shirt being goofy and wiggling around… I’m not sure if that was his demeanor or not, but that is how I imagine him. Suddenly I was there in the room with him (his Mom was there too) sitting in a chair. He walked over to me when he saw my panic and horror on my face at seeing that he was real. He put his hand on my face and looked towards his Mom and asked why I was so upset. I was crying fiercely and he seemed concerned. I can still hear the sound of his voice (though I’ve never heard him before) and remember how warm he felt when he climbed into my lap and held onto me as if to say that he was ok. I heard his Mom say “Don’t be sad.” but I cried all that much harder. At that point I woke up and sobbed into my pillow. I can’t remember a time when I had such a vivid dream… It felt so real. I have never been one to believe in spirits visiting people in their dreams, but a friend in Newtown told me she believes that is what it was… God I hope that is true.

    Anyway, I needed to share that with you and your family. He will never be forgotten. Not by you, not by many, and not by me. With Love – Heather S.

  2. Heather you are not alone. Noah has had a profound effect on my life also. Lenny and veronique need to know that Noah and the other victims of Sandy Hook will never be forgotten. 

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