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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy! He reminds me of my own boy (also Noah). I can’t wait to meet him one sweet day… I will scoop him up and squeeze him tight and tell him how he changed me. It’s a confusing emotion to love someone I’ve never met. <3

  2. There is something to be said about the photos of Noah and Arielle together. Very few, show her “not” hugging him…very few show her “not” loving him…very few show her eyes “not” filled with light and joy in his presence. I often wonder about her future and what it entails. I pray, when she is older, and goes through family photo albums, all that love…all that joy she felt for him, will come back to her as if he never left this world. I know her memories will fade, but I hope when she looks a photos like this one, she will remember the love and unconditional bond they shared. A part of her soul is in Heaven and I believe, guiding her through her life. She has a wonderful future ahead, Noah will make sure of it. I love you, Noah.

  3. The pictures with Ariel are among the most precious of Noah.  They both looked so happy with each other.  The start of school makes me sad that Noah and the children are not here.  Prayers. 

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