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  1. Lenny thanks for sharing your beautiful Noah with us. His spirit is with me everyday, and will never be forgotten. God bless you lenny, and god bless your family.

  2. I don’t know exactly what to say Lenny. Most of us can’t know the aching you feel, but the slightest glimpse that we do have is enough to make me crumble in sadness for you sometimes. I can’t understand how any of us, our platitudes, well wishes, or even our tears could offer even the smallest fragment of comfort for you and V, but there it is… again… my incurable need to make you know how much I wish I could change it. It’s inadequate. It’s uncontrollable. But its yours. Always. I don’t understand how or why, but Noah changed me and nothing will ever change it back. May God bless you abundantly.

  3. I guess I thought shells bc of the beach and how he liked to find shells there. :) I thought maybe they gathered shells at the playground building and brought them there 🙂 a very special picture either way <3

  4. Putting Stones on Jewish graves probably draws upon pagan customs and the stones also symbolize the permanence of memory. But also, stones are more than a marker of one’s visit; the “barrier” on the grave insures that the soul remains where it belongs.

    There is a documentary movie that is very moving, in which an Israeli boy explaines in one scene the significants of placing stones on his friend’s grave. The scene starts at 1:03:30. I’ve only found it on Youtube in Spanish. The English title is “Promises” by BZ Goldberg. Promises Project – Israel-Palestina – Español

    I hope it is not inappropriate to post the link, if so, please delete the post Lenny.

  5. The documentary “Promises” by BZ Goldberg in English

    Vaatler (Promises) [2001]

    I believe the message to be very true, if you don’t meet each other, there will be no friendship no peace with one another. A message that can be applied to a lot of other situations.

    A strong community, meeting and respecting each other, caring for one another and not having others be apart, help prevent acts of violence like the one that ended the life of Noah.

    Loosing a child must definitely be the worst experience ever. I feel so very sorry for you, Veronique and Lenny. Sending you lots of love and strength from Spain

  6. Noah’s presence was definitely felt at his playground this weekend.  I like to think that he’ll always be present there with the kids that will enjoy the playground.

  7. I keep coming back to this picture. Because? Well, I enjoy seeing pictures of Noah so much & I think of him every day with my boys, imagining him doing what they do. He isn’t my son, brother, grandson & I constantly feel that I want to thank the bereaved. Those he left behind. Through them I have been allowed a tiny glimpse of a beautiful life, a path that was to unfold, milestones reached & those yet to come. An irrepressible little boy with a dancing spirit. And feeling that spirit- how tempting to imagine none of this happened. An un-reality.

    So when I look at this picture I feel a certain loss of balance, like you feel when you’ve been spinning in a circle & suddenly stop. That’s the effect of the picture.

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