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  1. Yes it is great to see Veronique, she looks beautiful. What a great day for Noah honoring him with such a beautiful playground for all the children to enjoy. A great way to keep Noahs memory alive lenny.

  2. She was positively beautiful, proud of her little boy, and strong through it all.

    Such a pleasure to meet you Veronique.

    You are truly a beautiful soul.

  3. Mr. Pozner,

    It was an honor meeting you while working on Noah’s playground. Noah has been a great inspiration. I wanted to share my poem about today’s ribbon cutting ceremony:

    At first, Noah expressed himself with rain

    Then he smiled and showed you the sun when he saw you again

    His love for his family shining down

    As he smiles at all this love gathered at his playground

    His tight-gripped hugs delivered by the wind

    While he watched over his family and the other children

  4. Randy Cayea such a beautiful poem… love. ( sorry I just got a new phone, and it freaks out on me. I went to comment on this lovely poem and the report post lit up, and I don’t know how to correct it..hope it didn’t report post ..so sorry)

  5. What special pictures in that short news video, I wished it would be an hours long video. It’s beautiful to see and hear you again, Veronique. There is so much love and so much beauty in what you express. And seeing you, Lenny, cut that ribbon… such a special moment. Still everybody knows it should have never happened, Noah should be a healthy, strong and happy second-grader, enjoying this summer vacation before starting third grade! We can just truly hope that honoring Noah in that way provides some degree of comfort for you, his parents and all the ones close to your marvellous son, who will sure miss him till the end of times.

  6. Noah’s playground turned out so special, his favorite color blue and yellow just like the beach, his favorite characters Batman, Yoda… and his loving, caring spirit shining through the written lines, and most of all, his drawings… he was just a 6 year old when his life was cut short. I am sure this playground will inspire big and young people, it will be a place of encountering, a place where all kind of kids will meet, play and laugh together. After all, this is the important age, when it is important to bond with others, instead of staying apart and isolated. As I was a German kid, they taught us in school at an early age a Jewish saying from the Talmud “Wer auch nur ein einziges Leben rettet, rettet die ganze Welt” – “Whoever saves even one life, saves the world entire” It’s a modified Talmud saying, engraved in the ring that the Jews gave Oskar Schindler as a gift in 1945 to thank him for rescuing their lives. I believe this is true for Noah’s playground too, being a place of encounter, and a place of remembering and reflecting, it will help that children will grow into integrated and caring adults and will through that prevent that another isolated, angry person will do harm to others. And if through that just one life could be saved, it would save the whole world for someone

    We love you little Noah, you’ll be in our hearts always and we’ll go visit your playground and put our hands in your handprints. You sure are our Noah’s little hero!

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