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  1. Lenny, thank you for sharing this.  I have a feeling that it’s not unique that people realize how dangerous gun culture is decided to do things differently.  Noah and the others are still making a difference.  I’d tell the writer of this, that she deserves better than him.

  2. Good for her. In my opinion, any person that has callous remarks regarding beautiful children and their teachers being slain in their classroom has something wrong with the way they think and is heartless. She is far better off without him.

  3. You would think that after the horror, senselessness and profound sadness of Sandy Hook, this lady’s sentiment would be widespread. I still have hope that it is, but those who denounce the gun culture are perhaps not as loud as the gun clingers. I have hope for a very different future, even if it takes a generation or two.

  4. All of the small steps taken by all of us will equal one big leap in the right direction. It is always inspirational to see a young lady or a young man headed in the right direction not only for themselves, but for the greater good of all.

  5. This young lady saw the radical side of the gun culture used her common sense and made the right decision. I believe that the majority of Americans want something done about gun control. Change takes time, unfortunately.

  6. The problem is that there are people in other countries that think we are all a bunch of crazy people going around shooting each other.  I’m sure most people know that’s not true, but it’s sad that’s the image we project sometimes.

  7. I understand your concern Dan Geiger, and I feel much the same as you do Eileen Brennan. There is the easy access to guns issue, and there’s the mental health issue, but then there’s the carrying guns out in public issue as well. That’s the one that I find most threatening to the right to live free from sudden threat of death by circumstance. We are all human, and we all can be prone to angry knee jerk reactions when cheated, or slighted or wronged in some way. Of course, the majority of the population are reasonable, rational people who would not shoot someone in a heated exchange, but America is a very big country with a very large population; a significant portion of whom would not choose to refrain from using their weapon of power over the person who’s pissing them off. There are many people with anger control issues who don’t necessarily have a mental illness. It just is what it is. If Canadians were allowed to tote guns around in public, I have no doubt that we’d be killing each other by the thousands as well.

  8. Of course we all know that’s how Canada became an authoritarian dictatorship (sarcasm).  I think we’ve all become aware that shootings can happen anywhere

  9. I was giving some thought to it, and I think that I want to say that the US is not as crazy dangerous like is being discussed, I feel like I want to defend that, when people say things about you can’t go anywhere in the US and be safe anymore and things like that, because when I walk around its not like a scene from the movie Friday, or a Nicolas cage movie or like the streets of the middle east or something and when people make comments like that I think that’s what I conjure up in my mind that they think, so I feel like, no, that’s not the way it is…but the truth of the matter is that I do think about it everywhere, when people act up in a store, or i see an argument or a suspicious looking person, like I made a late night trip to the grocery store, and a car stopped and someone came up to it in front of me and it seemed like they were arguing and I was like, oh no, I hope someone doesn’t pull out a gun…you know I mean it really can happen anywhere and anytime and in any country but because most anyone can get a gun, as we all have sadly seen 🙁 it IS bad here…even though it can be hard to admit.

  10. Also to say something relative to gun owners, I am not a gun owner, nor do I ever plan to be, they’ve always scared me and I’m ok with that…I don’t want to be properly trained, nor do I desire to properly train my 4 hyper active, curious, destructive with whatever is put in their hands boys. I won’t even bring pepper spray in this house for that reason! 😉

    I was never even in the presence of a gun until I moved to the south from waaaay up in NY near Canada Ves C 😉 Where, and maybe it’s more an issue of when, I grew up guns were not omnipresent like it seems they are these days…but here, in many different circles of friends, I am the ONLY one who is not a gun owner and/or enthusiast, I have girlfriends who received guns for a Christmas present, and even at a baby shower I went to the husband came back with a “cute little handheld” for his wife, and showed it to everyone, I nearly had an anxiety attack, and left almost immediately…with my children! In both cases these were not the ladies first guns….how many do we need if its just for protection?!

    It goes beyond protection it seems to me, I have come to the conclusion, that most people, not all but most, who, ill say own Multiple guns, if not for hunting or law enforcement, and wven sometimes then, but it’s mostly an issue of both fear, and power, and mostly power. I’ve sat in on all these friends discussions and even my most well educated, level headed friends, it comes down to one or the other, fear, or power, or both combined…not all that comforting to me. I don’t know just something that’s been on my mind to share for a while…and as a disclaimer….I love all of those friends dearly, I just don’t line up with them on the gun stuff. And they know that.

  11. I know I don’t want to own a gun, I’m sure I’d accidentally shoot someone, probably myself.  Of course I have put myself in the emergency room because of an accident with a kitchen knife, but that’s a whole different story.

  12. It is really interesting to read everybody’s views about guns in the US. It is clear that for some, guns are just a part of the furniture & for others they’re a useful protection aid (?) & for others they are not a part of ordinary everyday life at all. Speaking of the Middle East, I’ve been to weddings in the south of Lebanon where happy guests delightedly shot bazookas into the air during the celebrations & nobody batted an eyelid( I was thinking “These bullets must come down somewhere! ” )

    There are many countries around the Middle East who have, in the last 30 years or so been through civil war, revolution etc so there are loads of weapons about. Although I have to say, in my experience living in & travelling widely through the Middle East, people don’t tend to settle disputes with shootings ( some of those countries have strong tribal/ family cultures so the elders become involved & things cool down) there aren’t many massacres due to mental health issues ( I’m not speaking about religious fanatics who are a whole other issue) or suicides. I think this is because of those close family ties- nobody is ever isolated, people out & out interfere if a family member is showing signs of something going wrong. Coming from a highly Individualistic society like Australia, this seems to me to be something good that my culture has lost. A century ago, people in Australia were more “plugged-in” to their extended family ( there is a high rate of suicide in Australia, particularly of young men).

  13. They shoot guns in the air to celebrate in my husbands country, Puerto Rico too, on New Yrs Eve! The one yr we were there, I totally freaked out! I’ve heard of stories of deaths bc of that.

  14. I did not grow up around guns, and never had a desire to own one. I would never be able to hunt because of my love for animals. I do live in a rural area on a couple acres surounded by state hunting grounds and sometimes there is so much gun fire ( not to close but close enough to hear it pretty loud) and it terrifies me, its just something i did not consider when i bought my house.

  15. A couple of days before my mom died in hospice care, she got a burst of energy. It seemed like she was getting stronger, better. The hospice people told us not to expect it to last long. And they were right. I’m thinking that’s what’s happening with our gun culture.  It’s only this vocal because they know there is an end to their folly. Sandy Hook shook us all to our very core and that unsettled feeling still lingers in their minds and souls….. and it scares them.

  16. I’m very heartened by the news I saw from Everytown today. This movement driven by so much sorrow is evidence of the ripples that will spread wider & wider. I hope it that it becomes so popular & strong that everybody thinks to act in whatever way possible to ensure NOT ONE MORE.

  17. I guess people like to think that where they live is a rather safe place, but guns are everywhere, and so are mentally ill individuals. So, there really is no “safe” place to be. Look at what happened at Newtown…a place where crime is low and people moved there just because they felt like it was a safe place to raise a family…I believe it still is a great place to live , its just mared by one crazy individual, and sometimes (most of the time) you just cant tell where the next mentally disturbed person is going to go over the line and commit a terrible crime.

  18. There is a highly male hegemonic element to guns in the US. It is mostly males who vehemently support the proliferation of gun culture. It is a phenomenon that I am exploring in studies. BTW: US is unique in gun ownership numbers, worldwide.

  19. Hi lenny, thinking of Noah today. Saw a commercial on tv for a new lego movie instantly thought how Noah would love to see it. I cried. Maybe Noah can see the movie in heaven. God bless you Noah. We love you.

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