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  1. Hi lenny, nice to hear from you. Hope you and your beautiful family are doing well. Interesting photo of sweet Noah. Love the shadows on Noahs face. His beautiful smile really comes through. How was this taken?

  2. Kaixo sweetheart, there you are! I love your smile! I hope you are alright where ever you might be. You know, you’ll never walk alone because there are many people with you. Today we’ll go on a masquerade and Noah here will go as Optimus Prime with the same Transformers costume you have. We’ll think of you little friend. We are with you!

  3. Hi Lenny,

    What a happy beautiful child. Always happy. I am sure he can feel out prayers. I hope they give you and your family some peace and comfort to know you are loved by so many who have never met you.

  4. In my minds eye it looks as if though Noah was finally able to get his hands on the device he has been wanting so badly to play with and done a quick “selfie”. Children are amazing creatures. They are all so different, yet so much the same. Noah is always in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you and the family.

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