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  1. Oh lenny, my favorite picture of Noah, such sweet face. How can you not love this beautiful child. It a picture that on one hand melts my heart, then breaks my heart because he is not here for you to hold. It is an image that l will never forget. Love Noah. Thanks lenny.

  2. Whenever I’ve seen this picture I can’t help but wonder, if he was rambling about some random thought, singing, contemplating, pleading his case about something, daydreaming, or just caught mid stream in a sentence, there’s so much there, it’s such a sweet picture that captures so much in one look 😉

  3. Hi Marybeth,

    It is funny, I was wondering the same. Looks like he is in mid sentence. Just content, and as so often in his pictures you can see the sun’s warm rays on his beautiful face. God Bless

  4. This is one of my favorite pictures of Noah…so natural and so sweet and innocent…I was having a rough day yesterday and looking at Noah’s photos cheered me up…its funny how he has that impact on me and everyone else…his beautiful eyes and gorgeous face can make anyone and anything light up <3

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